Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Only if I could bring a smile!

I believe I am not alone. Most of us want to lend a hand; we want to make a difference; we want to leave this world a better place when we go. When there are so many of us who think alike, why isn't this world a better place already? why does anybody die of hunger? Have you heard of any child not pursuing his/her dreams because of lack of support? Does that bother you at all? If it does, what are you doing about it?

Bible says one must tithe 10% of his earnings to the needy. But do all who preach or follow bible tithe? Giving 10% percent would surely have an impact on ones lives. Vacations would need to be scaled back, new furniture would have to wait. It would be a huge amount. It is painful but is it worth it?

Of course, there are many who are doing their duties silently. And there are many who don't know where and when to start it. I belong to the later category; We are among the people who doubt before giving a ten rupees note to a child on the road but would not think twice before spending hundred bucks for a cup of coffee in a cafe. But I am certain there is hope left in us; I say this because we do feel sorry at the end of the day for not helping that kid we met on the road. It's just the first step that we need to take!

If I want to be a millionaire in order to start giving, the day might never come; Here, I am not doubting the fact that I will be a millionaire someday (did i just say that?), but I doubt if I will be able to give when I am a millionaire; If I don't start giving today, I might never do it. It's a risk I am not willing to take. I cannot regret at the end of my life that I missed the golden opportunity to make someone smile!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Success tastes good!

Today, I went on a luncheon with the Director, the Manager of Compliance Consultants Sr and the Program Manager of my project. It was a thank you lunch, invitation read "Rashmi has proven time and again what an awesome partner she and TCS are to CCS and WKFS. This luncheon is to thank Rashmi and TCS for everything they've done for us on the JPMC project!" Bob, my product manager said "Rashmi is my top candidate for the “cloning” award, because if I could I would have an entire team of members who were as committed and selfless as Rashmi." There were 15 or more mails floating around praising Rashmi. I wish I could record these moments when I feel that I ain't nobody! Ohh, if you were wondering who Rashmi is, well its me!!

Writing this blog today is an effort to lock this moment in my memory (I do suffer from short term memory loss).

However small this success was, believe me when I say it did not come easy. A friend of mine says achievements' are never small or big. They are achievements!! I never thought of this moment when I worked all through the night. I just could not sleep. I can never sleep when I have unfinished work. Call me a workaholic! I need the satisfaction of having done my best to sleep tight. Its been nine months since this project started and I did give my best. My best included numerous sleepless nights and weekends. There were days when I hardly slept or spoke to anybody. If you call closing my eyes for an hour or two as sleeping, then yes I did sleep!  If you consider speaking to your PM at 12 AM or offshore calls till 3/4 AM, then yes I had spoken a lot those days. I was managing multiple customers, working for nearly 80 hours a week. It was taking a toll on my personal life too. But every time I completed a so called "impossible" task, it was sheer joy. I wish I could have recorded each of those moments. But memories fade and there I go again, who am I anyways?

Did you notice the number of times letter "I" was used in this blog?