Thursday, June 30, 2011

It's not home yet!

Storms hit my boat and pirates raid,
Just another sailor in the ocean, I often forget my boat.

I stop at an unknown land,
So beautiful I forget I am just a vagabond.

It took years, now I know it's not home yet,
And it’s already time to hit the sea, I fear I have forgotten to sail.

Tides are high, sea is hungry, I have left the shore, and boat doesn’t listen to me anymore,
Heart is expectant to see a wonderland where old tracks are not visible, no more.

And I wait for the mighty storm with thunder and lightning, to soothe my arid heart.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Enjoying solitude on a beautiful Sunday morning and browsing through things to do in Bengaluru, I came across this local adventure club in SF. Only concern I have is that it's in SF, not Bengaluru!!

Meet someone new.
Be adventurous.
Join a PINCHd adventure!

Their "About" page says:
"Pinchd was started by Shruti, Eric & Amara. A couple of years ago, we moved to San Francisco looking for adventure. Trying to balance work, friends, and fun, it wasn’t long before we fell into a mundane routine. All of us shared the same sentiment– we slept, ate, worked, and occasionally went out to the same old bars. We lost the adventurous spirit we had when we first moved to the city. It wasn’t until someone asked us if we had been to the secret slides on Seward Street. We quickly realized we were missing out on the real San Francisco. Motivated by our desire to change, we dedicated our lives to inspiring others to step out of routine. We started with our close friends. We asked them slowly explore the city with us. Now we organize our “adventures” for anyone. Whether you are looking to break out of their routine or just have a burning desire to do something different with new people.

Isn't it cool if we could set up one such club here in Bengaluru where you don't have to pay a huge sum for membership, you could just go online and checkout the events available over the weekend, sign up and pay online.. just show up for the event and have fun!"

Future seems very lustrous for such a start up.. Few years down the line when people will be lost in the virtual world more than ever before, the need to escape from the mundanes of life and have little fun and adventure would be greater! A lot of Indians need to learn to have fun.. someone has to start helping them realize it!

Oops, did I say if we could set up one such club in Bengaluru instead of if we had one in Bengaluru? Don't mind, that's the entrepreneur in me who is trying to jump out of the ordinary me!!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Just a thought!

God sometimes gives us special gifts, probably without even considering if we deserve them. But the way we handle our gifts determines if at all we deserved them in the first place. In no time can God take away those special gifts, probably replace them with what we deserve!

End of the day, everybody gets what they deserve!

May be I should rest my case with God!

Nonviolence is not one of the ideas I advocate, for I am not a Gandhian! I have vowed long ago to not kill anything that can't talk, for it cannot present it's case. Also I don't intend to harm anyone. But yeah, when it comes to pay back, I always give ten fold back. Be it love or revenge.. it always had to be ten fold! I am at extremes always. Being half way in anything wasn't me.

It's this nature that never let me forgive anybody who has harmed me in any way. I just parted ways with them and yes, never forgot them.

Today I came across someone, speaking with the wisdom of a lifetime, has made me think..

"Don't ever forget the ones who have helped you. But do forget those who have harmed you the very moment.
Do forgive the ones who have harmed you. Wish well for them. If you don't, they will always stay with you. Only if you forget them, God will take care of their deeds. If not, God will forget their deeds. "

May be I should rest my case with God...