Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Less serious, less dramatic, more laughter.

When doubt creeps in through the front door
Fear sneaks through the cracks in the walls
And uncertainty forms a cloud blocking sunlight

Only weapon to defend my fort
Is that little faith hidden deep in my closet
That I must have been right when I chose this game

Wisdom tells me, fear is of the unknown
Which can't be beaten just by thinking
So let's be less serious, little less dramatic

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Story that I tell...will always be incomplete!

How do I let you walk on my lawn
Would you only appreciate the sweet scent of flowers
Won't you see the crown of thorns, Though
My story lies not in the colors your inquisitive eyes see,
I feel I am betraying more than I can bear

Let you peep through a page of my book,
Sacred, what if only in my heart
Those delicate pages, are they not
The folding leaflets of a touch-me-not, Your soft hands,
Wont they leave behind finger prints

So I tell you only the highlights of my story
Letting you take the highways
while I guard my dirt filled country roads
A story lies in its minute details, So I bury my story
Away from all the archaeological excavations
Your interviewing eyes can dig.

Friday, January 20, 2012


Waited for so long that it felt you waited all your life
And when the door was knocked
You didn't run to welcome the long awaited guest.

Many reasons to rejoice but you don't dance no longer
Reasons to weep but your heart does not tremble
Is this a walk towards light?

Are you becoming the rock?
That never shouts when hit with a chisel
Never dances when rain drops kiss it's surface.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Have you ever wondered why we meet the people we meet? Are we all wandering in space and somehow we collide with each other just like the extraterrestrial objects? Is there a reason why people meet?

It’s that magnetism one rarely feels towards another human being. Here I am not talking about love because I would probably never understand that feeling and I have decided to leave it alone, at least for a while. I am talking about total strangers, the ones you see and instantly you feel very fond of them. Then they leave just as easily as, well you can’t say "met you" for you really didn't meet. You have hardly spoken to them. You never really looked in the eyes. But somehow you felt connected to them. 

I read an article on TOI that said that probably such fond strangers are your dear ones from another life. How would you ever know? Probably some things are best when left alone.

Most of the times what remains of any relationship is the memory of the departure. But with this fond stranger, the only memory is of meeting him/her, not of going away. That's why, it forms the fondest of memories, they remain the fondest of people.