Friday, April 20, 2012

Hopes and fears as I start my days at ISB

My 1st week at ISB!

No regrets, but I have given up far too much while making this choice. I never made an attempt to meet my future batchmates unlike many others who even went on trips together. 1st week was definitely a roller coaster ride with all the parties, break-out sessions for various clubs, ragging by seniors (oh they don't call it ragging here and we have signed an anti-ragging agreement as well). I have been rather chilled out since I arrived at ISB. We were given couple of assignments by seniors, crazy assignments with unrealistic deadlines. But I for one did not bother to submit them which is unlike me. I like the new me, who cares less about whats happening around her.

I see everybody on an edge. People are nervous, every day feels like an exam day. There are fears I need to address. I am worried about losing focus. I have not been able to sit back and think what is it that I want to achieve here at ISB. Why am I here? Yesterday while talking to somebody, I realized I can't act that studies don't bother me. They do, I want to learn. My primary intention was to be able to understand all the aspects of managing an organization. How could I forget that? My primary target was never networking; yes, I do want to improve my networking skills. I do want to make friends. But that was not my goal for coming here. I could have done that outside ISB as well. I want to learn. So I shall. Friends I will make by being nice to people. I will not go behind the world to make friends. The ones worth making friends will definitely become my friends. After all there is magnetism at work, bringing people together.