Sunday, March 18, 2012

21.2 KM

A runner who does not know
How to tie shoelaces
But what is great about one who does not fall
Unique, but not great

If I were religious about daily prayers,
Running would be my prayer
I only pray that praying be made so tough
That I will remember my prayer
Even when it is answered

Thursday, March 15, 2012

thoughts... unstructured and unabridged

Achievements can leave you alone. They take so much out of you and leave you dry and cold. You can feel the emptiness to the core of your heart. It feels as though you enjoyed the journey more than the result. Achievements are so ephemeral. In fact life is so ephemeral, so diaphanous. Achieving something does not make you as happy as it should have done. Of course, you are glad that you didn't fail (now, who would want that?) but you don't feel at the top of the world.

There has to be something to work towards, there has to be something to cry for. Is pain the only emotional we are capable of feeling truly? Does that mean we are not happy? Are we faking happiness as well? Can that one moment of sadness make all your smiles worthless?

No, that can't be true. We know exactly when we are happy. We are capable of being happy irrespective of where we are. We cry only for a moment and the moment passes before the person standing next to us notices it. Driven to a goal, driven to a magnetic field is the only way we can walk. Is free fall the only way to that glorious tomorrow? It's like we need that gravitational pull from the future.

A dream called life

I am an empty vessel
Sell me a dream called life

Hearing you talk of colours

That you want to paint your life with
I can almost feel the rhythmic beats of my heart
That once hosted a tree for little sparrows and parrots

Questions as many as nuerons in my head

A part of me fights me
For answers are not mine to know
For I don't deserve to know, yet, Would I ever be?

I am at one arm's length away from you and the world

Would you wait till I walk this distance myself
I don't want to miss this space between us ever
Would you be this person I trust blindly
Dangerous but that's the only way I know

Would you be the one who would take on the world

Just to stand by my side, for a second or two

Sunday, March 11, 2012

That book on my bed

As I reduce the volume of breathtaking music
Dying words touch my ears and soul
Like a soft breeze while walking up hill

So I scribble my thoughts, thoughts
As serene as the tortoise
Sleeping on my couch

Yeah, it’s a beautiful morning
Beautiful only because of the way I feel 
Selfish I, I wish to share it with no one

This beautiful morning, except with
That book I left on my bed
Last night, when sleep betrayed my eyes

Friday, March 2, 2012

The Garden City and its delicate gardens

Over breakfast with a colleague, the chain of thoughts brought us to a conversation on the awesome weather Bengaluru has been known for since the time immortal. My colleague studied in the New Horizon college, which forms a nice view (of course for various reasons) from our cafeteria. In the early 2000s when she graduated from here, she said, it was in the middle of a dense forest. Well even today it is, however  it’s a concrete forest that surrounds the college now. Like everything mortal, the weather is certainly losing its charm.

On this Tuesday, the 28th of February, Bengaluru recorded the highest temperature on a February Day in seven years!  Is that an indication of how the summer days are going to be this year? The 5 minutes walk from bus stop to my office is intolerable these days. 

Bengaluru is called the Garden city. I say lets stop putting the usual gardens in our city (oh, is nobody doing that as well?). No offense meant to the beautiful gardens, even I have enjoyed running and walking in many a gardens here.  But, have you been to the Mini forest area in J P Nagar? It is no less than a garden but I simply love the healthy trees there that stand tall with pride. I wish we start planting trees, the tall and dense ones, at least in our delicate gardens. 

I wait for those occasional rains and thunderstorms that hit Bengaluru during summers. Everyone does the same, WAITS! We need to step out and do something, at least stop more buildings and fly overs replace our unarmed trees.