Thursday, March 15, 2012

thoughts... unstructured and unabridged

Achievements can leave you alone. They take so much out of you and leave you dry and cold. You can feel the emptiness to the core of your heart. It feels as though you enjoyed the journey more than the result. Achievements are so ephemeral. In fact life is so ephemeral, so diaphanous. Achieving something does not make you as happy as it should have done. Of course, you are glad that you didn't fail (now, who would want that?) but you don't feel at the top of the world.

There has to be something to work towards, there has to be something to cry for. Is pain the only emotional we are capable of feeling truly? Does that mean we are not happy? Are we faking happiness as well? Can that one moment of sadness make all your smiles worthless?

No, that can't be true. We know exactly when we are happy. We are capable of being happy irrespective of where we are. We cry only for a moment and the moment passes before the person standing next to us notices it. Driven to a goal, driven to a magnetic field is the only way we can walk. Is free fall the only way to that glorious tomorrow? It's like we need that gravitational pull from the future.

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