Sunday, October 18, 2009

Love all, trust a few, do wrong to none - William Shakespeare.

What is love? It is one of the most difficult questions for the mankind. Is it what happens in a moment or what grows in a life time? Is it wrong to go for your best friend if he/she says they love you (Obviously you are not sure of it as you don't know what love is), hoping you will love them someday soon; or say you will know what love is?

An ancient proverb says love is a high form of tolerance. Yeah, that must be love to take any s*** from some body and not even realize that it is in fact s***! Love must be blind..

They say love is nothing but intense feeling of care. Why is it so difficult for few to feel the intensity of anything? May be power of detachment is greater than power of attachment for them. Sometimes it does make you doubt if you are in fact a "wall". That's different, there are times when you hoped you were a wall; To feel nothing must be a great state to reach!! And when you actually feel like a wall you doubt your very own existence.

Then a thought comes why do you have to make a decision? Why is it so necessary to make it now? They say time waits for none. They say you are getting old and its about time. Oh, boy! lets not talk about that; now that I am turning ** in next 60 mins!!! Wouldn't it be wonderful to let things happen than take a conscious decision (at least the ones related to heart if there are any)? Well, you don't decide to make friends with anybody, do you? You don't ask someone if they want to be your friend. You just be their friend. To me, friendship just happens!! Never planned it.

It may take may be too late when I feel it. But I am certain I will feel it strong that I will have no time to think about any thing else or any one else. I did not mean that I think of any one else today. Its just that I don't think of "nobody". Or say I have so much to think of that I don't know if I should even think... hmmm, I am going to be a heck of a writer. There will be so much light that you would wonder if it was dark ever :)

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