Sunday, June 5, 2011

May be I should rest my case with God!

Nonviolence is not one of the ideas I advocate, for I am not a Gandhian! I have vowed long ago to not kill anything that can't talk, for it cannot present it's case. Also I don't intend to harm anyone. But yeah, when it comes to pay back, I always give ten fold back. Be it love or revenge.. it always had to be ten fold! I am at extremes always. Being half way in anything wasn't me.

It's this nature that never let me forgive anybody who has harmed me in any way. I just parted ways with them and yes, never forgot them.

Today I came across someone, speaking with the wisdom of a lifetime, has made me think..

"Don't ever forget the ones who have helped you. But do forget those who have harmed you the very moment.
Do forgive the ones who have harmed you. Wish well for them. If you don't, they will always stay with you. Only if you forget them, God will take care of their deeds. If not, God will forget their deeds. "

May be I should rest my case with God...

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