Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unspoken words!

Sunshine hidden in some corner of my heart,
Mighty enough to spread a wildfire,
Or become the flame carried by torchbearers.

A bird, born free, imprisoned in this beautiful cage,
this cage, made of love, duties, and expectations,
Would it have been softer if it were made of iron instead?

So easy to give in, so easy to accept a normal life,
One that is convenient, but for who?
What would a maverick do with a normal life?

Even the struggle would end, even I would be happier, but for how long?
On a happy morning, wouldn't my dreams of freedom visit me uninvited?
Wouldn't I long for the sweet taste of fresh air?

I only wish to live my life a little longer,
Only wish to break free from this prison of safety,
If only I knew what was there before, what will be left after this life?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friends...colors in my Rainbow!

Standing at the junction of the past and the future, I dialed your number,
Was it a coincidence or were we meant to be this good friends?
No fear, no pretense, no expectations, I am glad we are friends!

When I wanted to run away from reality, 
I could just fly to an unknown city, knowing nothing what I would do, but that you live there,
I had tears crossing the road feeling stupid to have come in search of 'don't know what', just on the other side, you made me smile!

I would dial you if I am about to kill someone, for you would hide the gun for me,
I would dial you if someone is killing me, not sure what you would do, still I would dial you..;)
Have seen fights and hugs, tears and laughter, break-ups and makeup,
but sister, we know only one thing, we will be friends through all of it right till 'The End'!

We meet only on blue moon days,
But when we do, we have nothing to hold back, heart and mind on the plate,
We dissect present and future, we speak of birds and wings, and we dream of freedom,
That's what I call friendship baby! way to go...

Monday, September 19, 2011

Morning mist!

So early in the morning I caught a bus to an unknown land,
It's a festival for eyes to see the daylight break in that holy land, so I was told,
I sat there all morning gazing at the sea and the sky,
And the sun decided to only sneak through the clouds.

Golden rays, reflecting from holy water, fell on my face, and I closed my eyes only for a while,
So shining, whole of sea was taking bath in gold,
There I sat and glanced at the 'last bit of Indian rock',
Everything seemed so far away, none so near to cause any ripples.

It must have been 'bliss' for it has lingered in my memories for so long,
Wish I could go back in time and sit there with no wishes, no regrets,
Just one last time, with no wishes and no regrets!