Thursday, September 22, 2011

Friends...colors in my Rainbow!

Standing at the junction of the past and the future, I dialed your number,
Was it a coincidence or were we meant to be this good friends?
No fear, no pretense, no expectations, I am glad we are friends!

When I wanted to run away from reality, 
I could just fly to an unknown city, knowing nothing what I would do, but that you live there,
I had tears crossing the road feeling stupid to have come in search of 'don't know what', just on the other side, you made me smile!

I would dial you if I am about to kill someone, for you would hide the gun for me,
I would dial you if someone is killing me, not sure what you would do, still I would dial you..;)
Have seen fights and hugs, tears and laughter, break-ups and makeup,
but sister, we know only one thing, we will be friends through all of it right till 'The End'!

We meet only on blue moon days,
But when we do, we have nothing to hold back, heart and mind on the plate,
We dissect present and future, we speak of birds and wings, and we dream of freedom,
That's what I call friendship baby! way to go...

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