Sunday, September 25, 2011

Unspoken words!

Sunshine hidden in some corner of my heart,
Mighty enough to spread a wildfire,
Or become the flame carried by torchbearers.

A bird, born free, imprisoned in this beautiful cage,
this cage, made of love, duties, and expectations,
Would it have been softer if it were made of iron instead?

So easy to give in, so easy to accept a normal life,
One that is convenient, but for who?
What would a maverick do with a normal life?

Even the struggle would end, even I would be happier, but for how long?
On a happy morning, wouldn't my dreams of freedom visit me uninvited?
Wouldn't I long for the sweet taste of fresh air?

I only wish to live my life a little longer,
Only wish to break free from this prison of safety,
If only I knew what was there before, what will be left after this life?


  1. Day by day, I can see a flower is budding...
    Day by day, a free little bird is growing in this merciless world,
    Twitting all day long to tell the world how much she feels for tgis beautiful life..
    Even she knows nobody may listen to her..
    But this is what the life about..
    To share the feelings...
    Some day someone will listen.

  2. am still waiting for you to start writing again. when will you share your blog address???