Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Does love have an expiry date?

It's a stupid question from an idiotic friend that triggered me into writing this blog. Years ago I read Swami Vivekananda saying something to this effect - we all start out with values and dreams. As days pass by, we grow older, reality hits us every day, and we start compromising slowly. We lose faith in all that is noble and pure. We become those rocks and walls that don't react. Would it have been better to shout and yell than be quite and accept?

Some of us go to work every day because we get paid. Some of us get married because we are old enough and we have to answer people otherwise. The same people who denounce politicians for corruption prefer bribing traffic police to paying fine. Okay, it is hard earned money saved. What about our soul? Wouldn't we have to protect the dignity of our soul in every action? Or is dignity too big a word? Wouldn’t every action of ours leave behind some fragrance?

I remember that kid sitting on the cozy couch promising herself that she would never let that happen to her, that she would never give up on all that is noble and pure. Much of life is yet to unfold itself but I have seen some dark waters and I know that temptations are many and it is not easy to not give up. It never was!

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