Thursday, October 20, 2011

Promise of the passing time

A moment in life you have waited for
Has passed by and you didn’t see it
You don’t remember a knock on the door
You don’t remember a touch on the forehead
All you see is the traces of sand left behind
All you feel is the comfort in your heart
That the promise was kept.

The moment that takes the pain out of the past
The moment that takes away the fear of the future
The moment that makes everything perfect
Shall visit you when you least expect
You would never know when, but it would, my friend.

In the meantime, my friend, 
Don’t let the bitterness of all that has happened make you bitter
Don’t forget everything is beautiful if only you have the courage to make it beautiful
Don’t forget to be happy because happiness is only a choice
Don’t forget the people who stood by you…till that moment arrives!

There shall be that day as well
When the guilty feet revisit your paradise
You wonder what are they looking for in the ashes
Bones? but it was not body that was set on fire
You would have nothing to offer, no forgiveness, not even pity
And the paradise you are rebuilding has no place for the guilty
So that day shall pass too leaving no footprints …my friend!