Monday, October 3, 2011

Didn't see you leaving...

My friend is out of town for a long time to come,
I didn’t realize this even when I waved you good bye!

Never trust anyone for your best friend could turn out to be your worst enemy,
That’s what you said back then, I thought who would know that better than I?
We, meant to be on the opposite sides, are friends only because of the odd road you chose!

Never did I understand your ways, nor did I completely agree with your opinions,
But you didn’t come in the way of my freedom; you didn’t care for me so much to suffocate me,
That’s why, my friend, we will be friends for a long time to come!

I didn’t see it even when I waved you good bye,
When immersed in work on a busy day, I realized you weren't in town any more,
What remains is a sigh, a lump in the throat!

Just so you know how much I appreciate,
Not just for looking out for me like a brother, but for choosing the right against the easiest,
For standing by a stranger against your best friend... just so you know...

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